Push to Talk

Azetti Push to Talk (PTT) is an iOS PTT client compatible with OMA standards that turns your iPhone into walkie talkie (half duplex communication). Azetti PTT is based on VoIP technologies and works over 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi and keeps you connected from anywhere you have network coverage.

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Linguapp is a long-term memory trainer app with build in vocabulary for Spanish, French, English and Polish. It plans your reviews, allows to import and export your collections of words and offers various exercise types.

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Mobile app tracking discounts for iOS applications. Integrated with, one of the most popular Polish web sites tracking promotions for apps. App was a great success, within 3 days after release it reached TOP 1 in Polish App Store. It is used daily by thousands of users.

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Self Teacher

Self Teacher is my first indie app for learning new vocabulary using your iPhone. I created it when I was learning how to create apps for iOS platform. Before that I was doing mainly desktop and server projects for OS X and Linux and didn’t have much experience with mobile apps.

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PTT Dispatcher

Cross platform Push-to-talk desktop application. Works on OS X, Linux and Windows. As a contractor in Azetti I was involved in app development from early beginning. Application is integrated with Google Maps and allows establishing Push-to-talk sessions with users depending on their geographical location. It supports contact management, voice recording and instant messaging.

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